Touching God is our passion, changing lives is our priority

We are eager to see our city changed by being involved in rebuilding the ancient ruins and raising up the foundations of many generations.

Here at Gateway City Church we believe in…


Raising Families and Leaders

At Gateway City Church we understand the importance of healthy family structures and creating homes that function through practical application of God’s purpose for the family. In the House we equip and train young and old to become leaders.

Serving the Community

By reaching out to the community, we give hands-on support and fellowship where it is needed most, effectively demonstrating the nature and character of Christ. Touching and changing our community, our city and the nations.

Modelling Education

With a God-given mandate to focus on our children’s education to build Godly character through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We aim to maintain a high standard of education, sport and spiritual development for children from the age of 2 through to Grade 12.

Pursuing Purpose

At GCC our leadership focuses on developing and pursuing personal and corporate destiny through partnerships and a unified vision. Understanding your personal purpose and vision is as important as understanding how you fit into the corporate vision.

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